[tex-live] a lot of binaries contain garbage

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Sat Sep 18 05:57:12 CEST 2004

"AK" == Akira Kakuto writes:

 >> Obviously, it makes absolutely no sense because the system where
 >> it will be run will not contain such directories. It should be
 >> fixed.
 >> Note that this bad change occured DURING THIS YEAR'S CHANGES, as I
 >> was checking for such bug i nprevious year's binaries, and there
 >> were no build directories preloaded into the binaries.

 AK> I think those are compiling time default paths in "statically
 AK> linked" libkpathsea from kpathsea/paths.h.  I think this feature
 AK> has not been changed.

I may be mistaken whether previous year's build contained pardwired
paths from the build directory or from build-time texmf location
(though, i have an impression that it was not the case at least in
2002), but ANYWAY, it's totally WRONG to put such build directory
and/or build-time texmf location into the binaries, and this should be
fixed. Why do we have all the SELFAUTO stuff, after all? It's
absolutely pointless to put the hardwired paths into the binaries,
especially into the ones built for TeX Live. It's a garbage.

And the hardwired paths in texi2html script should be removed as well.


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