[tex-live] test-texlive2004-inst-20040823: fmtutil and updmap no longer launched?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Sep 6 00:38:39 CEST 2004

Hi Daniel (and all),

    2) The script updmap is not launched automatically either.

I cannot reproduce this one.  As far as I can see, updmap is getting run
in either inst or live installs -- as long as texconfig gets installed.
I made some changes to the install-*.sh scripts to report it somewhat
more explicitly.  (I also made a lot of internal changes to unify common
code, please see if anything's newly broken.)

    3) When launching updmap by hand some entries are missing in
       pdftex.map and in psfonts.map:

Indeed yes.  Besides the ones you mentioned, there are half a dozen or
so others, notably including pl.map.  (Staszek, I was surprised --
should I not have added the TPM:Execute for pl.map?)  Complete list of
the tpm's I touched below.

I also deleted pandora and webomints, since their licenses are clearly

Please test again (after the rebuilds tonight) and see if problems
persist.  If updmap is still not getting run, please tell me exactly
what you're typing to the install script.

Thanks much,

(Change 5788)
edit //depot/Master/texmf-dist/tpm/arphic.tpm#12
edit //depot/Master/texmf-dist/tpm/aurical.tpm#12
edit //depot/Master/texmf-dist/tpm/cb.tpm#15
edit //depot/Master/texmf-dist/tpm/cs.tpm#15
edit //depot/Master/texmf-dist/tpm/manfnt.tpm#13
edit //depot/Master/texmf-dist/tpm/mflogo.tpm#13
edit //depot/Master/texmf-dist/tpm/omega.tpm#17
edit //depot/Master/texmf-dist/tpm/phaistos.tpm#10
edit //depot/Master/texmf-dist/tpm/pl.tpm#16
edit //depot/Master/texmf-dist/tpm/rsfs.tpm#13
edit //depot/Master/texmf-dist/tpm/stmaryrd.tpm#13
edit //depot/Master/texmf-dist/tpm/wasy.tpm#13

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