[tex-live] What can I do to help TeXLive 2004?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Nov 19 14:54:44 CET 2004

    Is there any type of testing you require for TeXLive 2004? If so I
    run Windows XP SP2 on my machine and if you need help testing let me
    know I'd be glad to help.

Thanks for writing.  Regrettably, there will not be a Windows installer
in this release (maybe a follow-up release early next year).  (There are
Windows binaries included, but they can only be installed from Unix,
paradoxically enough.)

If you'd like to test the protext release, which is a project built on
miktex and which we are going to include, please see
http://tug.org/protext for information and links to the latest test
version for download.

    Just out of curiosity how close is it to being complete?

We sincerely hope to start making the final images next week.  Just a
hope, no promises, you understand :).


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