[tex-live] mathematica support?

Harald von Aschen harald.von.aschen at gmx.de
Tue Nov 9 22:38:31 CET 2004

At 08:34 08.11.04 -0500, you wrote:

Hi Karl,

>Does anyone know if the Mathematica support in TL is actually useful?
>Would it be better to just remove it, as this user suggests?

As Ralf has already mentioned, I have put the support files for Mathematica 
from the Mathematica CD. This is because they are included in every new 
release so I don't want to look into it what they have changed. So I don't 
use the TL ones, I have deleted them.

>He previously sent a revised .map file with more entries, but I don't
>think we want to install it.  The new fonts are not Mathememata-specific
>-- Janson Text, Adobe Garamond, etc.  I'll attach it for the record.

In my distribution of Mathematica 4, Adobe Garamond, Linotype Optima or 
Jason etc. are not included. Nevertheless this fonts are copyrighted 
material so who is using them can include them in his maps. But I don't 
have this fonts so such entries would be useless for me.

And Ralph wrotes:

>>I suggest if you cannot put up to date versions in, then throw them
>>away. That way, at least if users with Mathematica put the files in for

But older Mma versions have other versions so I have to include the one I 
need (e.g. on my old Mac this is Mathematica 3 and there I have to use the 
corrected ones from the Wolfram web site) and not the "up to date" ones for 
the actual version. Now version 5 is the actual Mathematica release and I'm 
still using version 4 so I cannot use the TL distribution if the newest 
ones are included.

On the other hand there is a good explanation on the Wolfram web site how 
to include the fonts to a TeX distribution for different Mathematica 
versions, see
so it should be not to complicated do adopt it to the used TL distribution.

Best regards, Harald


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