[tex-live] t1code.tex not found

Petr Olsak petr at olsak.net
Tue Mar 9 09:24:37 CET 2004

On Mon, 1 Mar 2004, Karl Berry wrote:

> I can't build latex.efmt with the current setup, t1code.tex is not
> found.  I was using the master /home/tlprod checkout on tug, so I'm
> reasonably sure it's not a p4 issue.
> ...
>   (/home/tlprod/Master/texmf-dist/tex/generic/hyphen/czhyph.tex
>   ! I can't find file `t1code.tex'.
> The file is present at:
> /home/tlprod/Master/texmf-dist/tex/csplain/base/t1code.tex

base ???

I am the author of csplain and t1code.tex file is the part of this
package. I disagree with the change of the location of the t1code.tex

The ftp://math.feld.cvut.cz/pub/cstex/base/csplain.tar.gz
is an etalon of contents of files, file names and locations in directory
structure. There is no reason to add the new directory name "base" and to
do things more complicated!

I hate the useless complications in texmf tree. For example
I use very frequently the command:

less /te<tab>tex/plain/ba<tab>pl<tab><enter>

(I have done "ln -s /where/is/texmf /texmf" on all my systems)
I hate the useless part of this command: ba<tab> (three keystrokes
more!), but I don't comment this complication in directory structure
because I am not the autor of plain.tex package.

On the other hand I am the author of csplain package and I wish to place
the files in the same locations as in csplain.tar.gz.

I accepted the changes of the names of my map files (from
csfonts.tar.gz) with reluctance. I understand that the global concept of
map files in actual TeX distribution has more priority than the names in
csfonts.tar.gz. On the other hand there actually is not any reason to do
the directory structure in texmf/tex/csplain more complicated.

The programmers would be remember: power is in the simplicity!

I hope that the texmf/tex/csplain and texmf/tex/csplatex will be reverted
to the original directory structure.

Thank you

Petr Olsak

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