[tex-live] Updating packages over the internet a la MiKTeX

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Jun 7 23:53:54 CEST 2004

Hans Hagen Outside wrote:

> The problem is that this way we loose utopia and fourier which is a 
> pitty since it a nice alternative for math typesetting.

I put fourier in TL at the weekend, having forgotten the licensing. 
issue of it :-}

I suppose I had better delete it. sigh.

> Say that we explicitly define texmf-extra as something not tex live 
> but which can go on the cd that is distributed to the users, say that 
> it's called:
>  tex-live + extras (something tex-live^{++} or tex-live^{#})
> so, tex live is still the all-free stuff but users get some goodies. 
> Whoever else than user groups decides to distribute tex live can omit 
> that tree (tl's in in books and such). 

too complicated....


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