[tex-live] Updating packages over the internet a la MiKTeX

Hans Hagen Outside pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Jun 7 20:42:44 CEST 2004

Karl Berry wrote:

>    I cannot agree to include on DVD something not available for most
>    users having only CD ROM.
>Um, this is what happened last year.  It is not new.
>And it's not about disc formats, it's about licensing.  The stuff that
>got put in texmf-extra is not free-as-defined-by-FSF-and-DFSG.
The problem is that this way we loose utopia and fourier which is a pitty since it a nice alternative for math typesetting. 

Say that we explicitly define texmf-extra as something not tex live but which can go on the cd that is distributed to the users, say that it's called: 

  tex-live + extras (something tex-live^{++} or tex-live^{#}) 
so, tex live is still the all-free stuff but users get some goodies. Whoever else than user groups decides to distribute tex live can omit that tree (tl's in in books and such).  

btw, are those utopia fonts really that much a problem? 


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