[tex-live] look upon Thomas' works ye mighty and despair

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Thu Jan 8 22:28:26 CET 2004

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 12:37:51PM +0000, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Thomas, can you make the simplications to texmf.cnf now?

I have carefully eliminated all "engines" in TEXINPUTS except "tex" and
"pdftex". We can take out pdftex, after pdftex is changed and no longer
uses kpse_tex_format for accessing the config file. (I am still waiting
for Martin's response on this.)

We can't simplify TEXPSHEADERS and TEXCONFIG until we have "fixed"
all applications that use these formats.

Analysys of applications that use these formats:
  hbf2gf (from cjkutils): already perfect. Only uses the old formats,
     with old versions of kpathsea. Well done!
  dvipdfm: uses kpse_tex_ps_header_format for enc files; trivial to fix
  dvipdfmx: uses kpse_tex_ps_header_format for enc files; trivial to fix
    More changes might be desirable to make the application aware of
    other new kpse formats
  dvipsk: well, I said something about this.
  ps2pkm: uses kpse_tex_ps_header_format for enc files; trivial to fix
  ttf2pfb: already perfect. Uses kpse_tex_ps_header_format for getafm.ps
    which is ok.
  ttf2pk: uses kpse_tex_ps_header_format for enc files; trivial to fix
    Searches for sfd and map files using kpse_program_text_format which
    should be changed, too.
  metapost: uses kpse_dvips_config_format for map file; should be changed
  pdftex: trivial changes to mapfile.c, ttf2afm.c, writet1.c, config.c
  windvi: I let Fabrice look after this :-)
  xdvik: uses kpse_tex_ps_header_format for enc files; funny that it
    already uses kpse_fontmap_format for looking up map files as fallback
    if lokkup with kpse_program_text_format fails. Map files used not
    to be found using kpse_fontmap_format, but now this is what works
    and what we want! :-)
  updmap: kpsewhich --format='dvips config' has to be changed to
    kpsewhich --format=map

dvips and pdftex are maintained *primary* here in out perforce tree,
so I think that we'll leave it up to the maintainers to do the changes
(I am of course giving any help that I can give). I want to leave
windvi to Fabrice, too.

Since the changes to the other programs are rather small and simple,
I suggest that I just make them in out tree and send the authors the
diffs. Ok? The situation is somewhat strange, because outside our group,
the new kpathsea formats are not yet available... I have asked Olaf for
them and he has given them to me and I have put them into our tree...


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