[tex-live] look upon Thomas' works ye mighty and despair

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Thu Jan 8 19:26:07 CET 2004

> Hrmmm... what about dvips?
> I can get on this if need be, but I'd rather wait to hear from Tom Rokicki.

dvips can easily be changed regarding the map file issue (I have done
this in my private copy) and adjusting afm2tfm is trivial, too, but
getting the enc / type1 / prologues sorted right, is harder, I think. I
didn't even dream of getting it for this release, but if you could do it,
that would be wonderful!

The main problem are routines which don't distinguish between the file
types, e.g.
  search(headerpath, s, READBIN);
in output.c which is called for enc files, type1 fonts and
prologues/headers. For enc files and type1 fonts, we now have more
"specialized" kpathsea formats which could be used instead.

If we can't fix all drivers, we'll have to live with e.g.
  TEXPSHEADERS = .;$TEXMF/{fonts/{enc,type1},dvips,tex}//
instead of

I think that tex// is needed for pdftex only which uses TEXPSHEADERS
for graphics. Hm...


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