[tex-live] web2c-win32 volunteer?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Apr 13 16:23:42 CEST 2004

At 14:47 13/04/2004, Petr Olsak wrote:

>IMHO, there is an important question: how many users of TeXlive use this
>distro in MS Windows? Is there some result from an enquiry?
>Percentage approximation?

In 1998, in the netherlands, the ntg members reported as follows:

\plaatstabel{Besturingssystemen (n=106).}
\NC systeem \NC \%   \NC \JustLeft{aantal} \NC\SR
\NC Atari   \NC 10.4 \NC 11                \NC\FR
\NC MSDOS   \NC 49.1 \NC 52                \NC\MR
\NC OS/2    \NC ~9.4 \NC 10                \NC\MR
\NC MacOS   \NC ~5.7 \NC  6                \NC\MR
\NC UNIX    \NC 51.9 \NC 55                \NC\MR
\NC WINDOWS \NC 64.2 \NC 68                \NC\LR

so, some users use more than one platform.

Now, say that os/2 users switched to 2000/xp, and dos users as well, we're 
dealing with a substantial amount of windows users. Postings on the context 
list suggest a similar trend, although the number of max users has grown 
with the advance of os-x (i know of some who moved from linux to mac-osx).

This means that the loss of fptex (in whatever form) is quite dramatic!


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