[tex-live] charter copyright

Staszek Wawrykiewicz staw at gust.org.pl
Thu Jul 24 02:59:14 CEST 2003

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Michel Bovani wrote:

> >     See in fontmap.gs
> > Ah, good.  I feel like we should change the afm/pf[ab] files to have
> > that notice ...

is sufficient, I guess. By the way we can read here:

 TeX metrics, virtual fonts and LaTeX font definition files can be found
 in the archive CTAN:fonts/metrics/freenfss.zip

which cannot be found on CTAN (see below 1. for the source of that file).

> By the way there are kerning-pairs bugs in charter fonts
> KPX L quoteright -241
> -241 is very too much !
> That make charter unusable in french...

Walter? It is perhaps your turn, as it as well concerned psnfss.
As I found, we have still a mess with charter:
1. CTAN:/fonts/charter/
2. CTAN:/fonts/psfonts/bitstrea/charter/
3. CTAN:/fonts/psfonts/corelpack/charter/
(perhaps some more)
4. CTAN:/macros/latex/required/psnfss/

On TL:
a. fonts/afm/bit/charter/        (from 1., I've just removed it!)
b. fonts/afm/bitstrea/charter/   (from 2.)
c. fonts/type1/bitstrea/charter/ (from 1.)
d. latex support files (tfm, vf fd, sty) - nobody knows from where
e. dvips/psnfss/charter.map  (just added to p4 depot from 4.)

some stuff belongs to the charter package (afm and pfb), the rest to 
the psnfss package. I've corrected tpm files for charter, psnfss 
and psafm (?), including proper actions like adding map files to 
updmap.cfg, etc. I think that for future the charter fonts status,
corrections made in the font files, etc., etc. should be made
once forever, but in the first place on CTAN. The good example
is urw on CTAN (but I'm still working on it for TL ;-).

Staszek Wawrykiewicz
StaW at gust.org.pl

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