[tex-live] RE: pdftex.map for TL8

Daniel Flipo Daniel.Flipo at univ-lille1.fr
Wed Jul 23 15:15:27 CEST 2003

Sorry, the way I wrote my report, probably makes you
think I have just compared the files pdftex.map from TL7 and TL8
and complain about differences I noticed...

What I am reporting is a _real_ bug. I stumbled upon it when trying
to recompile the French version of `lshort'. The cmex9 and cmmib9
fonts _are_ used in that document and the chapter about `Maths'
can no longer be displayed nor printed in PDF, because those fonts
are not available (missing entries in pdftex.map)!

-- TFM files for 
cmex7, cmex8, cmex9, and cmex10 
cmmib5, cmmib6, cmmib7, cmmib8, cmmib9, cmmib10
are present and LaTeX's .fd files (omxcmex.fd and omlcmm.fd)
make use of them, so they _are_ usable fonts.

-- PFB fonts should be available for them, either in each size
(as bakoma type1 fonts) or scaled from BlueSky fonts.

As I wrote before, I fear that there might be more entries
missing in pdftex.map, so I recommend a careful check of
the way this file is built.

As .pfb are available on TL8 for charter fonts, I guess
they are legal... anyway, on TL8 we should have 
-- either .pfb files AND entries for them in the psfonts.map
-- or no .pfb files (and no entries).

Daniel Flipo.

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