[tex-live] texlive 8

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Thu Feb 6 14:32:03 CET 2003

> I am increasingly attracted by the notion of 1 CD full of bzipped tar
> archives which the install program will extract, 1 DVD with the
> expanded tree, and a new project to build a demo CD for TeX from that
> base. Fabrice's XEmTeX work seems to be the right basis.

> Janusz makes a case for the current setup; Fabrice wants a demo CD
> (but has his separate project). are there any other votes?

Actually, XEmTeX will not be a demo cd, but rather a big archive
(200~300 Mb unpacked) from which will be extracted (pdfe)tex, xemacs, a
mid texmf tree (only type1 fonts, no metafont and pk) and a
couple of tools to ensure that you can produce html, ps or pdf files.
I don't expect it to be live at all.

> By the way, I would not propose to change the Perforce setup at this
> stage. I'd reckon to build the packages CD automatically from it.

I don't think we should ever change it. Even if the perforce repository
can serve as a basis for a new ctan (the one which will allow to
download updates or ready-to-install packages), the expanded form is the
most easy to work with.


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