[tex-live] xdvik-22.40i segfaults with large .map files

Stefan Ulrich stefan.ulrich@elexir.de
Thu, 23 May 2002 00:26:58 +0200


Daniel Flipo (thanks again) has just detected a malloc bug with
xdvik-22.40i, i.e. the version currently used in TL7, and `large'
.map files (with more than 31 encodings or more than 3071 fonts -
yes, it's an off-by-one-error) that will cause to a segmentation
fault while reading the .map file(s) at startup time, independent
of the current DVI file.

I've just uploaded a patched version xdvik-22.40k to ftp.tug.org
(soon to be mirrored on CTAN:dviware/xdvik/), along with 2 diffs
for 40i/40j and 40j/40k, but I gather that it might be difficult
to build new binaries for all the platforms before the deadline
for TL7 (on Sunday?).  Maybe one of the following alternatives
would be more realistic:

- update only the i386 version

- disable/limit the use of t1 fonts for this version, by not
  adding new fonts to ps2pk map (possibly also by setting the
  xdvi.t1lib X resource to false in some X app-defaults file)

- do nothing, and hope that only few users run into the bug

I guess the second alternative would be easiest to implement,
and cause least hassle for all ... sorry for the really
bad timing with this.