[tex-live] xdvik-22.40i segfaults with large .map files

Thomas Esser te@informatik.uni-hannover.de
Thu, 23 May 2002 00:40:07 +0200

> Daniel Flipo (thanks again) has just detected a malloc bug with
> xdvik-22.40i, i.e. the version currently used in TL7, and `large'
>  .map files (with more than 31 encodings or more than 3071 fonts -
> yes, it's an off-by-one-error) that will cause to a segmentation
> fault while reading the .map file(s) at startup time, independent
> of the current DVI file.

Argh... I think that I could update the source this evening (i.e. in
about 16 hours), provided that other people can rebuild the binary
in time (hey, that's almost 3 days until Sunday, then :-)

> - disable/limit the use of t1 fonts for this version, by not
>   adding new fonts to ps2pk map (possibly also by setting the
>   xdvi.t1lib X resource to false in some X app-defaults file)

We could provide a ps2pk-small.map with the limits and put some
  dvipsmap ps2pk-small.map
into xdvi.cfg together with a comment for the reason.

> - do nothing, and hope that only few users run into the bug

That's too bad, I think.