[tex-live] Re: recent image on W2K - old and new problems

Thomas Esser te@informatik.uni-hannover.de
Wed, 22 May 2002 20:59:16 +0200

> I mean that TeXSetup could run updmap. That does not mean what you
> proposed shouldn't be done.
> I won't depend on it either since I have the ActiveState Perl compiler
> ;-) User will get an updmap.exe .

Ah! Good. :-) So you want that perl-thing for windows only. Well,
the minimum is that the installer sets up an updmap.cfg and that
your updmap.exe is able to generate the map files at the end of the

My updmap script will offer a lot more (e.g. it offers a commandline
interface for everything that can be set in updmap.cnf, including enabling
/ disabling map lines).

Does your reaction mean that we can do what I have proposed, i.e.
creating "big" map files for the CD and altering dvips / pdftex setup?

Who shall do this (me)? Can I update the updmap script in TeX Live (the
existing version has the basic functionality, but not all the goodies
of the new version; plus: the new version works on OS/X)?