[tex-live] Freetype

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
Wed, 15 May 2002 21:45:54 +0400

"SR" == Sebastian Rahtz writes:

 >> Is there any reason why freetype in TeX Live is at version 1.4
 >> while it is at version 2.1.0 on sourceforge?

 SR> no special reason. Vladimir has updated freetype in the source
 SR> development tree, but I don't want to fly with that for the
 SR> release of TL 7. as soon as this May release is out of the way,
 SR> and Thanh approves Martin S's pdftex changes, we can switch to a
 SR> new source

As Fabrice has noted, freetype2 is not compatible with freetype1
(it lacks support for GSUP and GPOS)

freetype1 is needed for ttf2pk (and ttf2pfb).

so for the time being we do need to have freetype1...

nothing else in texlive source needs freetype (xpdf does, but only
when it is used to display glyphs, but we use xpdf library for pdftex)