[tex-live] Re: [Omega] Re: URGENT!!

Lorna_Priest@sil.org Lorna_Priest@sil.org
Wed, 15 May 2002 12:26:14 -0500

On 05/15/2002 01:12:53 PM Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> > I have just installed Omega1.23 this morning (from 1.23) and I
> > must say that it's a Colossal Mistake (TM) distributing this with
> > or any of the other major distributions. Please distribute 1.15 which,
> > while not > perfect, is at least much more stable. As John Plaice
> > pointed out back in January, "But this [1.23] is not a stable version"!
>Unless my memory is deeply flawed, TeX Live 6 carried version
>1.23? and this is the first time anyone has mentioned the problem!

Unfortunately your memory *is* deeply flawed (but only in this instance, of
course). TeXLive 6 carried version 1.15.