[tex-live] DLL error for Win2k install?

Charles D. Clark cclarkd@att.net
Sat, 13 Jul 2002 15:26:44 -0700


Thank you for sending the TeXLive 7 CD.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get
the installation to work with my computer.   I found that I could run programs
from the

CD, but not from the HD install.  

The error dialog indicates a problem with the tex.dll file.

Even when attempting to run the latex.exe executable from the command

the program would only produce this system error.  

     "no entry point found at ... <hex addr>... in tex.dll".

Another error I noticed in the log file had to do with kpsewhich,
which was

not to be found on the filesystem after installation.

Any hints to make TeXLive run from the hard drive?


   Charles Clark

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