[tex-live] diacritical marks not printing correctly

Christof Spitz c.spitz@t-online.de
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 12:36:41 +0200


for text with Sanskrit diacritical marks I need to print an i with macron
(bar) on top, but without the dot on the i.

The TeX command is


which works fine with CM-fonts. It also works with Postscript-fonts

* with latex in other distributions than TeXLive (I tried 6b and 7),
  i.e. it works fine in MikTeX an teTeX, which I tried
* with pdflatex in TeXLive

In TeXLive, using PS-fonts and latex (not pdflatex) gives just the macron
on top, but the basic i is missing! The command \=i works, but it prints
the i with the dot, which is typographically wrong.

Maybe someone could try it out and verify ... Sebastian was so kind to
compile a test file, but I think he only used pdflatex and not latex -> dvi.

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