[tex-live] generic scripts

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 16:22:50 +0400


currently, TeX Live build on a unix system produces 233 files in the
binary directory.

of these 233 files, 131 (more than a half!) are scripts (not binaries)
which are the same on all platforms:

MakeTeXPK allcm allec allneeded altpdfamstex altpdfcont-de
altpdfcont-en altpdfcont-nl altpdfelatex altpdfetex altpdflatex
altpdftex amstex bg5+latex bg5latex cef5latex ceflatex cefslatex
cont-de cont-en cont-nl cslatex csplain dvi2fax dvihp dvired e2pall
einitex elatex eplain epstopdf evirtex extractres fdf2tan fixdlsrps
fixfmps fixmacps fixpsditps fixpspps fixscribeps fixtpps fixwfwps
fixwpps fixwwps fmtutil fontexport fontimport fontinst gbklatex getafm
ht htlatex httex httexi hugelatex hugetex includeres inimf inimpost
iniomega initex jadetex kpsepath kpsetool kpsexpand lambda latex
makempx makempy mex mkfontdesc mkindex mkocp mkofm mktexfmt mktexlsr
mktexmf mktexpk mktextfm mllatex mltex mptopdf nts oxdvi pdfcslatex
pdfcsplain pdfeinitex pdfelatex pdfevirtex pdfinitex pdfjadetex
pdflatex pdfmex pdfplatex pdftexinfo pdfvirtex pdfxmltex physe phyzzx
pkfix platex ps2frag pslatex psmerge rubibtex rumakeindex showchar
sjislatex t1mapper texconfig texdoc texdoctk texexec texfind texfont
texhash texi2dvi texi2html texi2pdf texinfo texlinks texshow texsis
texutil thumbpdf virmf virmpost viromega virtex xdvi xmltex

I suggest to create a new directory:


and move all these scripts to it from unix bin directories.
(and it would be good to fix includeres fixmacps, as i wrote in other

Not only it will save some space (the above scripts use about 0.5 Mb)
because of avoiding duplication, but also it will avoid a mess in
different versions of these scripts distributed with TeX Live.

Moreover, i suggest to add the functionality to --enable-multiplatform
configuration option: when it is used, binaries are installed in
${bindir}/${platform}/ directory, but i suggest to change Makefile.in's
to install generic scripts listed above (and those which will appear
in future versions of TeX Live and teTeX) into ${bindir}/generic/
instead of ${bindir}/${platform}/