[tex-live] a bit of mess with unix binaries and man pages

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 16:13:13 +0400


there are two scripts in unix bin directories:

  fixmacps and includeres

which are non-portable:

fixmacps contains on line 11:
$dir = "/source_build_dir_of_tex_live/texmf/psutils";

and includeres contains on line 34:
local($inc) = "/source_build_dir_of_tex_live/texmf/psutils"; # system include directory

where /source_build_dir_of_tex_live is the source directory where
developer happened to build TeX Live before submitting binaries to

I think that these scripts should be fixed to call
kpsexpand '$TEXMFMAIN'
to find the texmf directory, which seems more portable.

Otherwise, these scripts use a random directory which may not exist on
the target system where they will be run.