Arthur Ogawa
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 08:13:58 -0500

I have been in touch with Patricia and Karl by phone.

Thanks for all your work, folks.

Sebastian needs a file to put on the CD (name for now: /COPYING)
specifying the detailed copying requirements for the CD. He will need
that in order to include it on the golden master.

Karl, would you mind working with Sebastian on this? At a minimum, it
should echo the language you have prepared for the email to the lugs. In
addition, it might point explicitly to the COPYING file for GhostScript
(this was a request from Peter Deutsch). Originally there were plans to
put detailed per-package info into this file, but we really cannot do
that at this late date (sorry, Sebastian).

Thanks to all of you for pulling together on this, especially for Karl
for suddenly taking on more responsibility at the last minute.