CDs for TUGboat

Mimi Burbank
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 13:45:39 -0500 (EST)

I just heard back from Pete - 

Regarding several queries about shipping to Cadmus:   

It makes no difference to Cadmus whether we use paper or plastic - it
is all done by hand.  Obviously, we can't insert jewel cases  <grin> 
because they would get crushed in shipment ...

As for shipping CDs to Cadmus -  for a single CD issue (as with 
the TL4 cd)  simply ship box(es), clearly labeled on outside as
to contents,  to: 

	Cadmus Journal Services
        ATTN:  Pete Brown, Account Manager
        500 Cadmus Lane
	Easton, MD   21601 
        Phone: 800-257-7792   
        Fax: 410-822-0438

For CDs that are multipart -  i.e.,  CTAN (3 cds) 

  ship in separate boxes  (box of Disk 1)  (box of Disk 2) (box of Disk3) 
  all clearly labeled on the outside of each box 

mimi burbank
(for TUGboat production team)