[tug-board] TeX Live copies

Richard Detwiler tex-live@tug.org
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 14:29:30 -0800

Patricia and all others,

We just completed the entry of all 1999 renewals to date and new individual
members in to our data base. We need to add to that number the estimated
additional renewals and anticpated new members for the balance of the year to
forecast the number needed by the TUG office.  Kiren and I will prepare that
forecast tomorrow and e-mail to you by no later than the end of the day
Monday, March 29. - Richard Detwiler

Patricia Monohon wrote:

> >I hope that Patricia and/or Art have a pressing company lined up.
> >Details would be appreciated.
> i have been in touch with the pressing company, actually two, who
> will offer the same services at the same price.  this is a quiet time
> for pressing so scheduling was not a problem. one did the pressing
> for the first texlive cd.  there didn't seem to be problems so am
> assuming going with them is okay.
> >As far as I know, we have to decide how many copies of the CD to make.
> >Has there been any communication from any LUG's?  We obviously cannot
> >count on them to get their act together in the next few days, so we'll
> >just have to guess, and be prepared to repress if necessary.
> no communication has been made with lugs yet, mainly awaiting decisions
> on what to charge---is it okay with everyone to charge more for some lugs
> than others (would someone please make the decision as to who pays
> more) and the wording of the email.  if art's latest (3/16) edition of the
> lug
> letter is okay with everyone i will fill in the appropriate price and send
> it off.
> >Since no one ever answered my earlier questions about records of how
> >many copies were ordered in the past, I looked at the board-archive
> >mail.  There is not much there.  76 copies of the original were TL were
> >sold to non-members.  TUB 19#2 had about 2100 copies, but I don't know
> >about subsequent issues.
> >
> >All in all, my feeling is that 3000 would be fairly minimal, and 3500 or
> >4000 would not be outrageous.  Assuming that about 1500 go out with
> >TUGboat (isn't that about how many members we have now?).  And that some
> >of the LUGs will want some.  Is Dante getting them from us or UKTUG?  Is
> >UKTUG pressing their own or are we mailing back?
> >
> >Has there been any further discussion with Kinch?
> 4000 is probably not unreasonable if we are pressing for everyone.
> patricia