lug letter

Sebastian Rahtz
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 23:30:36 +0100 (BST) writes:
 >     the price worked out to just over .70 on the spool.  
 > In that case, how does .30 for the subsidized groups,
 > .75 for the at-cost groups,
 > and $1 for the well-off ones sound as an approximation?
depends on quantity...

0.70 on the spool - you'll add probably 0.20 for jackets

what about tax? i had to pay 17.5% "value added tax" here. the
pressing firm did not let  me cheat. trying to escape it by saying it
was for for export let me down alleys of phone conversations with
accountants that I want to forget. in the end we paid it.

 > Plus shipping.  Maybe we should absorb shipping for the subsidized groups.
last year Elsevier paid it :-}

 > For TUG, do we want *our* copies in jackets?  Not the ones going to
 > Cadmus, I assume, but others?  I guess they'll just go into TUGboat's,
 > so maybe not.
what, loose???? just metal disks? lord, please not! paper envelopes at

 > Makes sense, but where *is* the master artwork?  Does anyone know?
chez Art