TL4 4 CSTUG [price limits]

Kaja P. Christiansen
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 12:37:16 +0100 (MET)

Sebastian writes:

 > If Dante, UKTUG, GUTenberg and NTG agreed to pay an extra 0.25 dollars
 > for every CD they bought, and it was used to lower the prices to CSTUG
 > and GUST, I would imagine that everyone would be happy.

I believe this would be a good thing.

Assuming we (TUG) are able to manufacture CDs at the price of $0.75 
per CD, this would mean that CSTUG/GUST can have it for $0.50 per CD, 
while Dante, UKTUG, GUTenberg and NTG (and TUG?) would pay $1. Which 
is still a bargain - and yes, everyone involved would probably be
happy about it.

 > As Petr said, CSTUG have worked hard to get the CD contents better
 > than last time, as have GUST people;