TL4 price and LUG contacts (Was: TL4 4 CSTUG [price limits])

Arthur Ogawa
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 11:02:38 -0800

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> If Dante, UKTUG, GUTenberg and NTG agreed to pay an extra 0.25 dollars
> for every CD they bought, and it was used to lower the prices to CSTUG
> and GUST, I would imagine that everyone would be happy.

Great suggestion. I'd love to do this. And TUG can be at the same level of
support, too.

Sebastian, do you have better contact information for the above groups than I?
I would like to email to a _person_ in each of the LUGs, particularly the
above. Dante, for instance, seems difficult to get an answer from; I have been
emailing without much success to

Obviously Petr is CSTUG's contact. 

Sebastian, are you going to deal for UKTuG?

Is Barbara Storey the contact in GUTenberg? I need her email address, please.

> ...If I were Art,
> I'd simply suggest that up front to the richer groups.


> ...we should get the thing out as
> widely as we can in those countries.

I am happy to do this.