TL4 4 CSTUG [price limits] (was: Re: Draft of LUG letter)

Arthur Ogawa
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 15:37:37 -0800

Petr Sojka wrote:

> As a lug representative for CSTUG, to place an order,
> I'd like to know expected price @ which we (CSTUG) can get the CD
> and time it will be ready (to schedule its distribution among 
> members). Last year we bought 100 pieces and distributed them to
> CSTUG institutional members [(we have fifty of them)
> + resold to interested individual members].
> This year we colaborated more closely with Sebastian
> and hope the CD will be handy to more CSTUG members.
> In the case of very low price we would be able
> to distribute it for free in a similar way as TUG does (with
> our printed bulletin Zpravodaj to all members (400+)).
> Bear in mind that CSTUG fee is 260 CZK (\approx USD 5)
> or 160 CZK (\approx USD 3) for student membership.
> As you see the achieved price will be crucial for us to place an 
> order (which may range from 120 to 500).

Thanks for responding so quickly. I assume you will be the one we will be
working with for the order to CSTUG.

As I mentioned on the draft email, the price will be of order $1 per CD, and
we might be able to go as low as $0.75 plus shipping FOB California US, with
envelopes extra (paper envelope: $0.10). This latter price reflects our
increemental costs, without any overhead charge at all.

As I also mentioned in the draft email, the CD should be ready about 15 April, 1999.

Given the above, what quantity would you order?

A suggestion: if you were to order about 500 CDs, you would be looking at
about $500. If your budget does not allow this amount, how big is your budget
for CDs?

Another suggestion: perhaps Dante would be able to subsidize your order to
some extent. Have you considered working with Dante to obtain your CDs as part
of their order? Cost of shipping the CDs would be reduced, I think.

I recognize that you are in a very cost-sensitive position, and we would like
to see you get as many CDs as possible for your money.