Draft of LUG letter

Arthur Ogawa tex-live@tug.org
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 00:10:33 -0800

Below is the current draft of the email that will be sent to the LUGs
soliciting them for orders for the TeX Live CD for 1999 (TL4). It is being
copied to the TUG board so that they can comment on it.

 To: <lug contact>
 Subject: TeX Live for local TeX user groups (LUGs)

The TeX Users Group has arranged with Sebastian Rahtz, the editor of the TeX
Live CD-ROM, to act as the distributor of TeX Live 4, the release of TeX Live
for 1999. In doing so, TUG aims to support Sebastian's efforts to create this
CD and to provide it at low cost to TeX users worldwide.

TUG's intention in the terms for further redistribution of the TeX Live CD-ROM
is to give the donors of the software contained therein the assurance that the
licensing requirements they have made are properly observed.

Because these requirements vary so much between different portions of the
software on the CD, TUG would prefer that you simply pass the CD on to your
members and allow TUG to bear the burden of handling unusual requests for
distribution of the CD.

The recipient of the CD itself can only copy and redistribute the software
thereon by complying with the conditions placed on the relevant packages
involved. To facilitate this, TUG will prepare a one-sheet flyer announcing
the TeX Live CD and mentioning the copying conditions (TUG will, e.g., publish
this flyer in the relevant issue of TUGboat). It will refer to a file in the
root directory, /COPYING, that explains things in greater detail.

Some of the software requires that, if it is packaged with other publications,
like books or journals, those things be freely copyable. A model for such is
TUGboat; please see the notice on the inside front cover of TUGboat <copied
below>. This is relevant if you plan on distributing the CD with your
newsletter or journal.

Anyone interested in distributing the CD with a commercial (non-copyable)
offering af any kind, or in distributing the CD to another type of user group,
should contact TUG directly.

If you have particular concerns in distributing the TeX Live CD to your
members, please contact us right away at the email address below. We fully
expect to be able to resolve any difficulties, but your timely reply is needed.

Expected manufacturing date of TL4 is 15 April 1999. Please respond to
texlive@tug.org by 1 April 1999 with your desired quantities, even if that
quantity is zero.