Mac stuff on TeX Live

Sebastian Rahtz
Thu, 2 Dec 1999 09:52:17 +0000 (GMT)

Arthur Ogawa writes:

 > > Does anyone want to volunteer to completely look after the
 > > systems/macintosh section of TeX Live?
 > I certainly would be very interested in participating in the work.

The key word in my email was "completely" :-}

 > Andrew Trevorrow is now manufacturing his own OzTeX CD-ROM (he now uses the
 > TDS), so OzTeX could be a good TeX Live candidate as well. 

but it doesnt use kpathsea, like CMacTeX? so how does it optimize
access to big trees?

 > saw this in black and white, on my computer screen) means that the
 > installation will not be a straightforward matter of dragging the
 > texmf folder from the CD onto the user's disk. All of Tom's .hqx
 > files need to be on the CD. Sigh.

indeed. this is sad. theoretically, one can build a CD with Mac
attributes as well, so that They see long file names and Maccy bits
for files. but when I tried a year or two ago, it took so much extra
space that I had to abandon it. If anyone has more recent knowledge,
and can show it will not make us lose 20% of the space on the CD, I am 
happy to try again. Until then, all we can is bung on the .sit.bin
files (which is what Tom supplies, not .hqx, by the way)