Mac stuff on TeX Live

Arthur Ogawa
Wed, 01 Dec 1999 15:16:47 -0800

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> Does anyone want to volunteer to completely look after the
> systems/macintosh section of TeX Live?

I certainly would be very interested in participating in the work.

> ...Currently it has CMacTeX, no
> more no less. Since I have (almost) never used TeX on a Mac, I don't
> have any feeling for whether this is good or bad, or could be improved.

I use CMacTeX regularly now (not that it has replaced Textures).

Andrew Trevorrow is now manufacturing his own OzTeX CD-ROM (he now uses the
TDS), so OzTeX could be a good TeX Live candidate as well. 

I hesitate to say one is much better than the other, though. In fact, Tom
Kiffe distributes a number of his CMacTeX tools for use under OzTeX, so the
two different installations are more similar than they might otherwise be.

It would not hurt to stay with CMacTeX, which is very complete. But the fact
that the MacOS does not support Rick Ridge and Joliet extensions (I recently
saw this in black and white, on my computer screen) means that the
installation will not be a straightforward matter of dragging the texmf folder
from the CD onto the user's disk. All of Tom's .hqx files need to be on the
CD. Sigh.