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General Delivery
Ab epistulis 
  Steve Peter      [Introductory — upcoming election, conferences, TUGboat]
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — typography and TUGboat news]
    TeX entomology;     An alternative to tangle and weave;     More Lucida fonts;     More from Chuck Bigelow about Lucida;     Erratum: “Online Publishing via pdf2htmlEX”, TUGboat 34:3;     Peter Flynn's  Formatting Information updated;     Klaus Peters, 1937–2014;     Other items worth a look— bibliographies;     Geographical trivia: Kolophon
A footnote about `Oh, oh, zero' 
  Donald Knuth      [Introductory — notes on early typesetting of computer programs by ACM and Addison-Wesley]
Twenty Questions for Donald Knuth      [Intermediate — to celebrate the publication of TAOCP as eBooks]  235-243 
A letter on the persistence of (e)books 
  Charles Bigelow      [Introductory — the Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, and Pierre-Simon Fournier]
LaTeX document class options 
  Thomas Thurnherr      [Intermediate — options for the standard classes, and packages extending similar functionality]
How to influence the position of float environments like figure and table in LaTeX? 
  Frank Mittelbach      [Intermediate Plus — explaining and working with the LaTeX float placement algorithm]
Placing a full-width insert at the bottom of two columns 
  Barbara Beeton      [Advanced — even on the first page of an article]
biblatex variations 
  Ulrike Fischer      [Intermediate — biblatex as a database: QR codes, PDF attachments, address lists]
Every LaTeX document brings new programming issues 
  David Walden      [Intermediate Plus — practical approaches for ellipses, blank verso pages, and photo album layout]
Glisterings: Lining up 
  Peter Wilson 
         Ruling off; Marginal rules; Preventing an awkward page break; Not at a page break; Line backing; Linespacing
CTAN goes multi-lingual: Additional language support for the Web portal 
  Gerd Neugebauer      [Introductory — making ctan.org available in German, as an experiment]
Obyknovennaya Novaya (Ordinary New Face) in Metafont 
  Basil Solomykov      [Introductory — a reworking of a famous Cyrillic typeface, in several sizes and shapes]
Multilingual Document Processing
A simple Arabic typesetting system for mixed Latin/Arabic documents: ḍād 
  Yannis Haralambous      [Advanced — supporting both transliteration and direct Unicode input of Arabic, using ligatures]
Software & Tools
Visual editing (in a specialized case): prerex 
  Bob Tennent      [Intermediate — a useful application for visual editing—charts of course prerequisites]
l3build—A modern Lua test suite for TeX programming 
  Frank Mittelbach, Will Robertson, LaTeX Project Team      [Intermediate Plus — regression testing for LaTeX, including typeset output]
MetaPost path resolution isolated 
  Taco Hoekwater      [Advanced — new interface in MPlib 1.800 for resolving paths from external programs]
Typeset MMIX programs with TeX 
  Udo Wermuth      [Advanced — a TeX macro package to typeset (M)MIX(AL) programs]
A Citation Style Language (CSL) workshop 
  Daniel Stender      [Intermediate Plus — introduction to this XML-based language for programming citation and bibliography styles]
Hints & Tricks
The treasure chest 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — new CTAN packages, March–September 2014]
Book Reviews
Book review: Practical LaTeX, by George Grätzer 
  William Adams      [Reports and notices — review of this introductory text on document production with LaTeX]
         See the TUG books page for all book reviews and discounts.
Book review: Apprendre à programmer en TeX, by Christian Tellechea 
  Jacques André      [Reports and notices — review of this book in French on TeX as a programming language]
Book review: The Imitation Game, by Jim Ottaviani and Leland Purvis 
  Michael Berry      [Reports and notices — review of this graphic novel about the life of Alan Turing]
Book review: Let's Learn LaTeX, by S. Parthasarathy 
  Nicola Talbot      [Reports and notices — review of this free ebook intended to assist learning LaTeX by example]
Die TeXnische Komödie: Contents of issues 2–3/2014   322 
Les Cahiers GUTenberg: Contents of issue 57 (2012)   323 
TUG Business
TeX Development Fund 2013 report 
  TeX Development Fund committee 
TUG 2015 election 
  TUG Elections committee 
TUG membership form   325 
Institutional members   326 
TeX consulting and production services   326-327 
TUG 2015 announcement   327 
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