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Re: preliminary EuroTeX paper for review


> Great!  Too bad it is in some weird platform specific format I cannot
read :-)

Thanks to Barbara Beeton I was able to read the draft of the paper :-)

It looks great, I only have some trivial comment regarding section 9.2:

This might benefit from addition of the UNICODE numbers for the
symbols mentioned, for added precision.  Greek Chi is 03A7.  The alternate
lowercase Greek beta is 03D0. The archaic Greek numerals are Stigma (03DA),
Digamma (03DC), Koppa (03DE), and Sampi (03E0).  Icelandic eth and thorn are
00F0 and 00FE.  Plancks constant over two pi is 210F.  This has a slanted
bar.  The hbar glyph constructed in TeX using a horizontal bar is something
else (used in Maltese and IPA) with UNICODE number 0127 (but is now
accepted to some extend because that is all we could do with CM fonts).
The barred lambda is 019B and is used in phonetics.  I am not sure about its 
actual use in physics (but then physicists don't care much about conventions 
and rules, after all, they still use Angstom although everyone switched to
International 40 years ago :-).

By the way, I might just mention that fontinst is but one way of generating
metric files for fonts.  It can't handle math fonts --- as far as I know, and
I never use it, even for text fonts.  We generate all of our TFMs ---
including those for math fonts --- using AFMtoTFM.  Of course, since this
isn't widely available it wouldn't be appropriat eto mention it.

Regards, Berthold

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