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Scope of atomicness

Back to the math fonts :-)

Atomicness can be used to create a family of standard encodings a little 
similar to the ISO 8859 family of standards. However, such a family should 
have as few members as possible. I don't support the idea of ,,free slots''
which can be arbitrarily filled in.

For math fonts, I don't see the need of a family of standard encodings, 
which share some portions of the glyphs. Therefore, the use of atomicness 
will we rather limited.

Atomicness may be useful to ensure visual compatibility of related shapes, 
such that all glyphs containing a tilde are grouped in one file, allthough 
some of them belong to core, others to a standard extension and some more 
to a specialised extension font loaded only on demand. This approach would
allow for more freedom in the grouping of the math symbols.

--J"org Knappen.