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Re: fc posting

Hello Laurent,

the main questions about the fc fonts are already answered (thanks to 
Barbara and Rainer), it is left to me to say a word about the wnri fonts:

wnri stands for Washington Romanized Indic, they are made by Tom Ridgeway 
to render latin transliteration of indic languages. From the same METAFONT 
sources, also an old english font (wngb) and a amerindian font (wnps) are 
generated. They aren't on the CTAN archives, but you can ftp them from

--J"org Knappen.

P.S. Since the EuroTeX conference in 1991 the fc encoding was revised due 
to new information, which I got at that time in the UNESCO library. 
However, now the fc encoding is fixed forever and I will not change it, 
even if new information would suggest it.