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Re: new delimiters

Jan, you wrote:

>The macros for accessing the delimiters (\big, etc.) make two assump-
>1. All delimiters can be be accessed through their delcode (basically
>   the position of the smallest delimiter of that type, defined in TeX
>   macro files like plain.tex) and the nextlarger chain in the font.
>2. The font has delimiter sizes which match the \big, ..., \Bigg sizes
>   specified in the TeX macro file which defines \big, ..., \Bigg.
>The first assumption corresponds to what you propose.  The second one
>puts font dependencies into the macro definitions, and I would prefer
>not to do that.  I think it would be better if we could make the \big,
>..., \Bigg sizes available as font parameters.

could you be more precise about the way that tex selects delimiters
with the big ... Bigg mecanism ?