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new double sized operators:

  \subsection{New double sized `bigops': 24 }
  All these would come in two sizes, in the same font like the present
  \cn{bigcup}. One for display style, and one for text style. That
  makes two glyphs for each one.


    \item A double sized sqcap $\sqcap$ \cn{bigsqcap} cspex

    \item Two sized $\bigcirc$ with $\vee$ inside.  $\bigcirc
      \!\!\!\!\!\vee$ proposed name: \cn{ovee}, and \cn{bigovee}.

    \item Two sized $\bigcirc$ with $\wedge$ inside.  $\bigcirc 
      cspex \!\!\!\!\!\wedge$ proposed name \cn{owedge}, and
      \cn{bigowedge}.  comment from Alan:
        ``As far as I'm aware nobody has *ever* used these glyphs in a
        paper.  I put them in St Mary's Road because I needed them at
        the time, but I shortly abandoned writing the paper they were
        going to be used in.  Please don't include them!  (If we are
        going to, we need to include <ovee> and <owedge> as well as
        <bigovee> and <bigowedge> which are the ones you described.)''

    \item Dijkstra choice: $[\!]$ CSPEX

    \item A wide Dijkstra choice. CSPEX

    \item Parallel \cn{bigparallel} just a double sized version of

    \item Interleaving $|\!|\!|$ : \cn{biginterleaving} [bb: I'm not
      sure about the spacing or meaning but we've had requests for
      triple verts as delimiters.]
        `Interleaving' and `parallel' are used in (at least) three
        different ways:
        \item as delimiters $||$foo$||$ and $|||$foo$|||$.  These
          should come in basic-sized and extensible versions.
        \item as binary operators p $||$ q and p $|||$ q.  These can
          be the same glyphs as for the basic-sized delimiters.
        \item As `big' operators $||_i \;p_i$ and $|||_i \;p_i$
          similar to \cn{bigcup}.  These should come in textstyle and
          display style versions.
      The big operators aren't the same glyphs as the extensible

  \item \cn{bigcupdot}: A `U' with a dot in it. Something like:

  \item \cn{bigcapdot}: an upside down `U' with a dot in it. Something
    like: $\bigcap\!\!\!\!\cdot$

  \item An inverted \& . \cn{nasrepma}

  \item Large operator symbols based on, asterisk sign.

  \item Large operator symbols based on, a hash sign.


This list is a very large one ! There may be some things that you think
should not be there. On the other hand, I may have forgotten some.

Please give me any comments of interest. If you have any references of
books or papers that do use some of these symbols you are welcome to send