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Separate encoding for \log etc

> \section{The base: a Cork encoded text font}
> Main use: things like \texttt{\string\log}. This would generably be a
> Latin font. 
> \textbf{Separating this set from the rest,} enables the user to
> have `log' and `sin', etc typeset in many different ways. Thus the
> multiletter operators can by compatible with the text font, or
> with the rest of the math glyphs, or even set in yet another font.
> \note {this font is not for typesetting words. That must be done in
> text mode.}

I think I missed something here. Why do we want a separate encoding from
the text encodings for things like \log etc? They *are* words! Imho (though
this is not the topic of MFD) \log etc should be set in a text
font---family zero if the designer so decides, or perhaps some other
family, but a text family nonetheless.