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nabla, laplace, d'alembert

we seemingly both agree that \nabla and the Laplace operator should
be visually compatible.
I think we all agree !

<<<<While there is a perfectly suitable \nabla symbol in the present
cmsy, there is *no* specific symbol for the Laplace operator. It
is usually refered to as \Delta (upright), but that's unfortunate
if uppercase greek letters (when used as identifiers) are set in
math italics instead of math roman.>>>>

The situation is the following: the MC encoding ( the one going to replace
cmmi) contains uppercase and lowercase greek in upright and in italic. So
far I had included the upsidedow delta (nabla) next to the Greek material. 
thus these would have been compatible. And we would always in a standard
setup have an upright Greek alphabet.
Are things OK so far ?

We have got to the stage where every glyph slot is presious.

About quabla: if i remember rightly, it is just a rectangle. cspex has an
oblong, and that could maybe be used, stmary has it also. On the tother
hand, I could include a quabla next to the Greek, and it would therefore
be with nabla and delta.

if nobody complains, i'll consider that oblong can be used.