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Non-english mathematics (not More on subscripts and superscripts)

Yannis sez:
>Fortunately in almost all countries math is written more or less the same
Phew!  Would it be reasonable to say that the differences between 
national mathematical style is about as pronounced as that between 
English-speaking diciplines?
>So it would be nice if macros \sin, \cos, and so on
>can be changed when the text language changes [this is rather work of the
Indeed!  The base font (the font used for setting operators such as \sin, 
\cos, etc.) doesn't have to be Cork-encoded, it can use whatever encoding 
you are using for your text fonts.  The default will probably be Cork 
>Just in case something may be missing, I will make a call to arms on the
>twgmlc list to see if there are any particular mathematical tidbits for their
>languages/countries, missing in CM.