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BBB versus Fractur (not!)

Yannis wrote:
>Speaking of styles: I have a complaint with CMMI and I know many mathematicians
>agree with me: the \Cal letters are not calligraphic enough. 
I'd say it the other way round, that the \Cal letters are too 
calligraphic, and that for many documents they should be script letters!  
We currently have two proposals for script letters: that font 
implementors should be allowed to put script or calligraphic letters into 
the slot currently occupied by \cal, or that the script letters should be 
given their own separate font.  The advantage of the former is that it 
saves a family, where the latter is a much cleaner solution.  The 
strongest argument for the former is that documents containing script 
*and* calligraphic are very rare.  (In fact, does anyone know of any 
mathematical documents that used calligraphic rather than script letters, 
before DEK put \cal into TeX?)  
>as for the MF code, I would gladly prepare it
Thanks!  That would be very useful!  It would be nice if there was enough 
meta-ness to include a bold version.
There will probably be other MF jobs that will crop up once the encoding 
reaches time for alpha-testing, so if anyone would like to volunteer for 
MF work, we'll be very grateful!