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Re: \S

>It seems to me there is an interesting question about the use of such
>an extra font.

Ah, I'd hoped to get away without discussing the companion text font
until I'd got the arrow-building kit out of the way.  Foiled again!

Each text font is envisaged as having a `companion' font, which would
contain the glyphs that are missing from the T1 (Cork) encoding, such
as <paragraph>, <yen>, <florin> and so on.  The definition of \yen
would then be something like:


It would then be up to each font selection scheme to implement
\companiontextfont in an appropriate fashion, for example with NFSS2
it would be something like:


It's open to discussion what the plain TeX version should be.  One
possibility would be to add to the definition of \bf and friends, for

   \font\cptenbf=cpbx10 % or whatever the bold companion font is called
   \def\bf{\fam\bffam \let\companiontextfont=\bfcompaniontextfont

This would avoid the use of \mathhexbox for accessing companion text
glyphs, and would leave math mode for just math glyphs!