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>From Justin's document "The future math encoding: Towards a list",
regarding symbols such as \S, \P, \yen, and some others:

  All these will be put into the ``Extra font'' encoding, that would
  come in many faces, and be text dependent.

It seems to me there is an interesting question about the use of such
an extra font. If the current text font is, let's say, bold roman,
then the macro \S should select a bold section symbol; but the current
definitions of \S and \mathhexbox do not support this; the font choice
is hardcoded and does not change according to context.  Making \S and
similar work properly would seem to be nontrivially dependent on the
font selection scheme in use. Perhaps each font selection scheme
should be required to cleverly redefine \mathhexbox (or the \S, \P,
... macros) in whatever way necessary?

Michael Downes                              mjd@math.ams.org (Internet)