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cmex and sizes in family 3


you've got me a little confused now. You say i'm right, but for what
exactly? you contradicted me on many points i think ?


concerning cmex: I know different sizes exist ! but in line 478 of my
version of plain.tex i can read the following:

\textfont3=\tenex \scriptfont3=\tenex \scriptscriptfont3=\tenex

My conclusion is: in math, standard plain tex only uses one size of cmex.
Am i mistaken ?

The file lplain.tex load lfonts. In lfonts tenex is defined as being
cmex10, and is loaded in family thr@@. Here again, my conclusion is that
latex standardly only uses one size of cmex.

What about nfss ? Does it change anything ?
I'll let Rainer or Frank answer that one.

In any case seeing as the standard versions of latex and plaintex load
cmex in one size, do we have to keep that feature ?

I know that it is possible to use other sizes of cmex, but my question is
should we try and make a standard that involves using different sizes by
default in family three.

I'm begining to think, that it may not be very interesting for the user