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Re: cmex and sizes in family 3

regarding the line in plain.tex

  \textfont3=\tenex \scriptfont3=\tenex \scriptscriptfont3=\tenex

we should always remember that knuth created just what he needed
for "the art of computer programming".  and just because he didn't
feel the need for cmex in other sizes doesn't mean that no one
else does -- have you ever looked at a \tenex \sum in a display
in an 8pt abstract?

i might also point out knuth provided one size only of other fonts
that he felt should be there as models (cmmib, for example) but
that he didn't need himself, and suggested that others could do
the work of adding sizes as necessary.  both ams and john sauter
have done so, with his scrutiny of the results and with his blessing.

i think we have to accommodate real requirements here, which
requires understanding the implications of tex's algorithms as
well as just providing the shapes in multiple sizes.
                                                -- bb