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symbols: large operators.

Alan wrote:

  \item large operator symbols based on ampersand, asterisk, and pound

Gosh, do people really use these?  Does this mean we have to have the
ordinary <sterling> in the math fonts as well?  And if <sterling> why not
the other currency symbols?  I'm sure some mathematician will find a use
for the generic currency glyph, nobody else seems to have...

My point of view is that if sterling is used a lot in math, and is needed
in a bigger size, then it should be integrated in the math fonts. That
does not mean in any way that all the other currency symbols are needed in
maths. This usage of the sterling sign is in my understanding not as a
currency symbol, but as math glyph, just like \times.

It's not because we include the centered asterisc, and the star, that we
should include all the different stars that are available in the dingbats!