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Re: symbols: large operators.

regarding the "pound sign" and "sterling", when i first read
  \item large operator symbols based on ampersand, asterisk, and pound
i assumed that by "pound sign" was meant the # sign, not \sterling.
then alan's comment, based on the \sterling assumption, called to
my attention that my initial understanding might have been in error.

i think you were the originator of the statement -- what did you
really mean?  was alan's reading correct, and you've seen \sterling
used as a large operator, or are we going around in circles here
because of terminology?

in the u.s., # is often used as a shorthand for "lb.", as in
  2# of potatoes
instead of
  2 lb. of potatoes
i think this is the only symbol we've been talking about that has
names that are so confusing.
                                                -- bb