[Fontinst] Re-encoded ligatures and searching

Pierre MacKay mackay at cs.washington.edu
Fri Oct 22 18:17:39 CEST 2004

I don't know whether it will help in the use of this face, but Goudy's
University of California Old Style (1938)---often regarded as Goudy's
best, as it was his last, book face---was cloned as ITC Berkeley Oldstyle.  I
believe there was some unhappiness about this at the time, but it has
largely been forgotten.  It looks as if ITC could not resist its
procrustean habit of chopping off ascenders and descenders to make the
bowl size larger (one shudders to think what they would have done with
Centaur) but they were fairly restrained in the case of Berkeley Old
Style.  Goudy added a lot of swash italics, and a very full set of
ligatures, including ct and st.  I'll bet they are not part of ITC
Berkeley Oldstyle, but I may be wrong.  University of California Old
Style was a closely held proprietary font until 1959, when it was
issued publicly as Californian by Lanston Monotype.  I wonder if there
is a rendering of Californian, which would probably be closer to
Goudy's original.

Pierre MacKay

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