[Fontinst] Re-encoded ligatures and searching

Jonathan Sprinkle sprinkle at eecs.berkeley.edu
Fri Oct 22 18:27:02 CEST 2004

> Berkeley Old Style.  Goudy added a lot of swash italics, and 
> a very full set of ligatures, including ct and st.  I'll bet 
> they are not part of ITC Berkeley Oldstyle, but I may be 
> wrong.  University of California Old Style was a closely held 
> proprietary font until 1959, when it was issued publicly as 
> Californian by Lanston Monotype.  I wonder if there is a 
> rendering of Californian, which would probably be closer to 
> Goudy's original.

Aha! This is in fact the version that I have, and in the readme file is
expressed as differing from the ITC version. It was done in 1995, and does
in fact contain all of these wonderful ligatures which I am trying to take
advantage of. :) 

You can see the test version at,
(the ct, st, and ft [although not the tt for some reason] are shown on page
10, in the 8r encoding)

Once I get the "searching" problem solved, my next address will be how to
create definitions in an etx/mtx file to have latex substitute these
ligatures that are not found in any encoding that I have seen.


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